Please note: Snug Jugs all contain stretch and room for change - if you want a comfortable fit, select your equivalent/current size. If you are in between sizes and want a less snug fit, select the size up from your equivalent/current size. Also the Navy Bodice Snug Jugs have less give in them due to the dying process, so if you do not want a firm fit, choose a grey or pink bodice, or choose the size up in the navy.

The Original Snug Jugs Range is designed so you choose your current top size (eg. T-Shirt).

The Maternity Snug Jugs Range is designed so you choose your current top size. As they are maternity and nursing clothes, body shape changes have been accommodated for. All these bodice designs feature fabrics with elastane so our items can be worn, before, during and after pregnancy.

Care Instructions

Care instructions are located on the inside seam of the Snug Jugs skirt. Hand washing is recommended. These are not complete instructions; please refer to the individual garments for specific instructions.

Over time the 100% cotton Snug Jugs skirt will fade marginally, especially when hung to dry in the sun or been repeatedly dried in the dryer, or washed in a washing machine.