Snug Jugs. The name says it all doesn’t it.

The idea has been in my head since the day I could no longer wear jim-jams and feel supported. With two brothers and their friends always around the house, I began feeling self conscious when there was even the slightest spring in my step.

I started to think about a solution...a solution that would give me confidence, comfort, support and look fab. It only took me a further 15 years to get the idea of Snug Jugs into production when the first Original Style Snug Jugs was created.

The first wave of Snug Jugs were homemade. I refreshed my sewing skills and got down to business. I was so excited with the result, they felt so comfy, so snug! My friends not only loved the idea, they wanted their own. So I started sewing my little heart out and still couldn’t keep up with the demand. 

During this time lots of friends were getting in baby mode. They mentioned how there is nothing like Snug Jugs on the market for nursing mums. This seems crazy when it’s so important for prenatal and new mothers to support their breasts. As a new mum myself I know it’s also a time in your life when you spend lots of time in your pjs and want to feel good!

It soon became clear that I should create Maternity Style Snug Jugs. I sourced beautiful, premium quality fabrics, perfected the design and now we’re ready to go! I’m so excited to share them with you and hope you and your jugs enjoy them.


Snug Jugs Founder